Can Robyn and I show you step-by-step how she started with only
a $100 and has done over $1 million dollars in sales on Amazon
and 100's of thousands on eBay?

We want to show you...

  • how she built her list of profitable wholesale accounts
  • how she outsourced and automated large portions of her business
  • how she and her husband were able to quickly scale her business
    – starting with only a $100 to doing over a million dollars in sales on Amazon and hundreds of thousands on eBay

Before starting her business Robyn worked maintaining and creating religious education programs for her church. Not only did she want to be her own boss, but she also needed more flexibility to be there when her son with health issues needed her.

Robyn and her husband Nate quickly built their business and have been able to add multiple streams of income because she has been able to build systems to accelerate their growth. She will walk you through a step-by-step process on how she did it, what common pitfalls can be avoided, and what to expect in an industry that can often time be very intimidating to enter.

Is your business missing flexibility, automation, and scalability?

Are you looking to make your business fit your life rather than trying to fit your life into the needs of your business? Adding wholesale lines to your business allows you to ultimately spend less time sourcing and more time enjoying life or working on your business.

Automate parts of your sourcing and shipping process. By having step-by-step instructions on exactly how to find new wholesale accounts and to maintain them. Once you have this established you can outsource an increasing amount of your day-to-day activities.

Incorporating wholesale into your Amazon business is one of the fastest ways to provide a real ability to scale from an arbitrage or used item model.

Have you taken other wholesale courses
and still been left wondering where to start?

This course will walk you through exactly what you need to know and what steps you need to take to find profitable, replenish able wholesale accounts.

This course will walk you step by step through the entire process.

In the first session Robyn will cover...

  • Exactly what you will need to get started
  • Important Amazon business Concepts
  • Vocabulary unique to the wholesale industry
  • Common vendor expectations
  • And how to find tradeshows in your area

In the second module, we will go further in depth on how to find wholesalers...

  • at trade shows
  • through searching on Amazon
  • using trade show exhibitor lists
  • how she plans for trade shows
  • how she identifies potential vendors

Robyn will give you scripts to approach vendors to get a price list and exactly what questions to ask when opening a wholesale account. She will even cover exactly how she answers the dreaded “Where do you sell question?”

In the third module we will go through...

  • how to evaluate the wholesale lists quickly
  • how to get your orders in
  • what to look for in a profitable account
  • how to isolate the most profitable items on each price list
  • strategies for using wholesale on Amazon including quick flips, long-term hold, niche companies, and large name-brand companies
  • a breakdown of common industry standards across multiple industries

The fourth module will go into detail...

  • evaluating bringing a new item to the Amazon marketplace
  • how to prepare to receive your shipments to minimize the amount of downtime before your item is sent to Amazon
  • an overview on how to use Amazon product ads, pricing, reviews
  • listing enhancements to have your items sell through faster

The fifth module will cover...

  • exactly how to maintain your accounts
  • how to streamline your re-order process
  • how to use your current lines to expand to new accounts
  • different strategies including using weeks of coverage to minimize storage fees
  • how to best capitalize on show specials

BONUS module...

  • how to create new listings that can be seen in the search engines quickly
  • how to optimize photos without expensive equipment
  • how to generate keywords for your new listings

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had to say after the first session:












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jim-robyn-comboRobyn is one of the best at sourcing and an excellent teacher. She and I are excited for you to take advantage of this valuable training. We can't wait to hear about your success in applying it to your business.cockrum-signature

Do you need a commercial address or warehouse to open wholesale accounts?

No! Many companies can ship directly to your home or you can utilize prep services to receive your items for you.

What if I don't live in the U.S. - is this still for me?

Where you live doesn't matter! There are simple and creative options available for all!

Do you need a lot of capital to purchaser wholesale?

While you do need more money to order wholesale versus retail arbitrage some companies will allow you to open accounts with small orders (one case or $100 minimum opening order).

At the end of the course will I know how to do this on my own?

In these videos, Robyn and Nathan Bailey (Coaching Director for will walk you through step-by-step points and give you action items in every training session so it will be very doable to have your first few accounts open by the time you finish the five session course.

Will there be a way to ask follow-up questions between or after the webinars?

Yes! You will have access to the wildly popular MST Facebook group where you can ask questions of experienced online sellers - many of whom are paid to help you out!

Get All Five Webinars PLUS the Bonus Module For Only $97

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