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A Brand New Strategy For Any Amazon Seller Who Wants

To Methodically Locate Virtually Unlimited Sources Of

Great Selling Wholesale Products !

These Are The Same Strategies That Were Used To Build A $4 Million+ Amazon Business – And We Are Sharing The Entire System!

Some facts about this course:

Others have paid $10,000 or more for small-group, live workshops where they learned these exact strategies. Those sessions have received 100% positive, glowing feedback from attendees and some of the video testimonials are below!

You pay a fraction of that price for a virtual training experience of the identical wholesale strategies taught at these live workshops!

The entire process can easily be turned over to a virtual assistant to ensure a steady stream of new wholesale products popping into your business like clockwork.

We are excited to roll out this brand new wholesale sourcing strategy for Amazon sellers that is unlike anything you've seen before - and we can't wait to prove it!

Who Is This Training For?

Any new Amazon seller who is trying to find unique products (we encourage new sellers to have an active account established)

Any experienced seller anywhere in the world who is able to sell into the US (it doesn't matter where you live in the world)

Experienced sellers who are looking for the stability and unique opportunities that wholesale selling brings

Sessions will be taught in an online, group training setting (recorded for easy playback later of course)

Are these training sessions conducted live?

The live sessions of this course are now complete and our first round of students are eagerly implementing the strategies with success!

We captured the full training sessions for you as well so you can get full, instant access to the same training!"

Rich Potter is your lead instructor. He's developed this system and used it to build a business that is expecting to do well over $4 million in sales in 2021!

7 Session Proven Wholesale Mentor Class

Here's what you can expect:

Session 1

1. Getting Started with a Wholesale
2. Amazon Basics
3. Intro to Wholesale
4. Intro to SmartScout

Session 2

1. Wholesale Topic Overview
2. Wholesale: Finding Distributors
3. The Replen to Wholesale Experiment

Session 3

1. Wholesale Brand Direct: Category & Keyword Filtering without SmartScout
2. Contacting Brands & Distributors

Session 4

1. Wholesale Brand Direct: Category and Brand filtering using Smart Scout
2. Deep dive into SmartScout

Session 5

1. SmartScout Deep Dive Continued

Session 6

1. Working Through Price lists and Websites
2. Negotiating Pricing

3. SmartScout Bonus: Spying on Competition after brand direct account approvals

Session 7

1. Building a Team to Scale
2. Scaling with a VA
3. Open Q&A

What People Are Saying

FIVE STARS and worth every penny invested.
What an opportunity! A wealth of knowledge, all organized, taught, and presented with hands on practice all bundled in a few days. Rich and his crew are good at what they do and are eager to share their years of experience, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. They don’t hold back giving tips and tricks that have made their business so successful. The vibe they share is calm and engaging in the classroom setting. They are patient and answer any questions you have. We were able to research and find good, money-making products with them walking us through the process. I was able to source approximately $750 in monthly profit with 24 new Replens in just a couple hours on Replens day. On the last day of the training I also got approved for a new wholesale account that looks very promising. We watched and learned behind the scenes in their very own warehouse. We learned to package and label real products and box and ship efficiently. We were walked through tried systems and software. We were given a list of where to find the best quality, but least expensive supplies to maximize our profit. FIVE STARS and worth every penny invested.

You are doing a great job presenting and leading this course...
Had to say that you have inspired me and my team. Thanks for all your efforts in the course. SmartScout is amazing and I'm only just doing the trial period so far...blows my mind. Thanks Rich Potter for bringing this training to the group. We have worked out that it has just deleted 70% off our current wholesale research processes we currently use to find suppliers. Scott N. is a genius

Thank you so much Rich, this was absolutely amazing...Blessed and grateful

(After applying the strategy taught) I sent 3 emails to 2 distributors and a brand on Monday using the templates that Rich shared with us after modifying them. I heard back from BOTH distributors, which is great. I think the way Rich made the templates made me look very professional and they took my inquiries more seriously. Now I've been asked to help them with MAP and brand registry on Amazon!"

Richard Cluff's presentation on (finding, hiring, managing) Virtual Assistants was excellent...

I contacted my 1st Wholesale supplier yesterday and have a meeting with them tomorrow... Great information. Thank you so much.

Off the charts!
Rich's wholesale sourcing training was off-the-charts awesome.

Game Changer!
SmartScout has been a game changer for me on sourcing Replens!

This training program is all-encompassing and filled in all the gaps...
My husband and I started our Amazon business about six months ago. We have done some online training and have been off to a good start. I am so grateful I was able to attend the Wholesale Hybrid in-person workshop. This training program is all-encompassing and filled in all the gaps that I did not know existed in our business and processes. I now feel more empowered and ready to scale up our business. Being able to learn from experts in each aspect of the Amazon process has been invaluable. It was incredibly effective to see the complete process of running a successful Amazon business in person and in real-time. I find myself referring to what I learned and referencing the documents provided with the program daily.

So much valuable content
The Proven Wholesale Course with Rich was amazing! The way he takes you through the process step by step is incredible! So much valuable content. Our next step is o come out and spend time with [him] and [his] team in 2022.

About Rich & Shelly Potter

We've been married for almost 16 years and together Shelley and I have 3 beautiful daughters. I graduated from Arizona State University in 2007 with a degree in business and immediately started working for a distributor of electronic components as an inside sales executive and became very familiar with the distribution/wholesale model of doing business. In 2014 when my largest account was bought out by a company in India I was terrified that overnight I could lose 70% of my income to something I had no control over. We decided it was time to take back control and create additional sources of income. In the fall of 2014 Shelley and I started a photo booth rental company and then three months later added bubble soccer rentals to our event business. We still own and operate this event business today. We began selling on Amazon in 2015. In August of 2019, after 12 years in the corporate world I quit my job to go full time with our e-commerce and event businesses. I love working side by side with my wife and I love the freedom and challenges of working for myself. Our event and Amazon businesses have changed our lives in incredible ways. We very much believe in the multiple streams of income life that Jim Cockrum teaches and that selling online has helped us create and we are very excited to help you on your journey to become a successful online entrepreneur. To become more familiar with who we are, and our story please take some time to watch our podcast episodes with Jim Cockrum of Silent Sales Machine Radio at the following links.

October 2021

October 2020

September 2019

Today I manage a team of 10 employees (5 full time and 4 part time and 1 Filipino VA) in a 4500 sq ft warehouse. We closed out 2020 at $2.6M in revenue on Amazon and eBay using the wholesale and Replenishable Arbitrage (Replens) methods of selling online that we will be covering in our coaching sessions. Our 2021 goal is $4.5M in the US and to get set up and launched selling on Amazon in the Canadian market.

Other Costs Involved Besides Course Fees

You'll need to invest in a basic level subscription to a very powerful and unique Amazon wholesale research tool called SmartScout. We've secured you a great discount if you click here to gain access: SmartScout (You don't need PRO access - just the basic "STARTER" access.) This is a powertool with many useful features to help you grow, but you'll also need it for our specific wholesale strategy.

You'll need to either build a simple one page website, or have us build a site and host it for you for a nominal fee. Having a simple website is necessary in order to be taken seriously when approaching wholesale companies with our strategies.

This full course has recently been added as one of dozens of PROVEN Amazon seller strategy training modules found inside the “PAC” ( The “PAC” is a collection of training modules for every level of experience (newbie to pro) for all imaginable Amazon seller strategies! Get FULL access to PAC for only $29/month! Visit for details. To hear hundreds of recent success stories from PAC students check out our free podcast at .


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