Sourcing profitable wholesale products to sell on Amazon does NOT require expensive tools or complex strategies. We can prove it!

Are you ready to source unique, high-margin inventory using the latest creative wholesale sourcing strategies? Our coaching clients have consistently reported incredible results time and time again with these exact, simple strategies!

For the first time, we've captured the strategies in step by step video format for anyone anywhere to use!

In this simple course you'll discover 25 methods of uncovering untapped wholesale suppliers and manufacturers quickly. These are strategies that your competitors are missing out on!

Learn how you can build a solid foundation of replenishable inventory that is easy to scale up.

Are you ready to add ...

  • Flexibility
  • Automation
  • Scalability

... to your online selling business?

Are you looking to make your business fit your life rather than trying to fit your life into the needs of your business?

Adding wholesale lines to your business allows you to ultimately spend less time sourcing and more time enjoying life or working on your business.

Selling wholesale allows you to automate nearly all of your sourcing and shipping process using the step-by-step instructions we'll show you on exactly how to find new wholesale accounts and how to maintain them. Once you have this established you can outsource an increasing amount of your day-to-day activities.

Incorporating wholesale into your Amazon business is one of the fastest ways to provide a real ability to scale from an arbitrage or used item model into a more stable, predictable model!

8 Modules with Over 5 Hours of Video Training

This course is packed with practical, actionable content you can use immediately. 

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Fundamentals of Wholesale

- 5 videos -

Getting Started

- 3 videos -

Finding Suppliers

- 25 videos -

Reaching Out To Suppliers

- 4 videos -

Talking To Suppliers

- 5 videos -

Examining Price Lists

- 5 videos -

Creating A System

- 5 videos -

Additional Insights

- 2 videos -

In these video modules we'll show you:

  • Everything you need to know to profitably source wholesale products as an online seller
  • Understanding the basic fundamentals of wholesale
  • How to know if a wholesale supplier is legit
  • What you need to get started
  • List of research tools to speed up things up
  • 25 different ways you can find untapped wholesale suppliers and manufacturers fast
  • Email inquiry template that will increase your chances of getting accounts opened
  • What to say when companies say "no" to Amazon or online sellers
  • Reasons you can share why companies may want to consider allowing their products on Amazon if they are afraid or say "no" initially
  • How to answer questions commonly asked by suppliers such as, "Do you have a website?"
  • How to create a website quickly if you happen to need one
  • How to analyze price lists and catalogs fast to find winning products to sell
  • How to develop a system you can work easily or outsource to someone

Teresa Rose

Jim Cockrum

Teresa is one of our top coaches and has collected an incredible stack of success stories from her students. I was delighted when she agreed to put her wholesale sourcing knowledge into a step-by-step video series for our online selling community!

What Others Say About Teresa's Wholesale Training

As one of Teresa's former coaching students, I have been fortunate to learn from her lessons, tips, advice, and hacks, which have enabled me to land numerous wholesale accounts. Teresa has tremendous knowledge about wholesale sourcing, and I can tell you that if Teresa is teaching it or preaching it, you'd be very wise to listen!

- Rick B

Diagnosed with a severe case of Shiny Object Syndrome, I floundered in information overload for many years. My Wholesale coach, Teresa Rose from Jim Cockrum’s Coaching, knew how to keep me on track without overwhelming me. She fed me information in the form and quantity that I could digest. Most importantly for me is that Teresa “Knew Her Stuff” and she knew how to teach it! Not surprising to me, Teresa wowed the participants at the CES V conference with her easy to follow explanations; she is the same way on video trainings. Lucky for you, you have the new Wholesale training, taught by Teresa Rose at your disposal in PAC!

- Lauren

As a coaching student of Teresa, I found her wholesale sourcing strategies seem very simple at first glance but they proved very powerful and effective (when fully implemented). During our first session we went through one of her methods of finding wholesale leads just by searching through categories and sub categories on Amazon. It actually felt like stuff I already knew but I didn't have the exact step by step procedure to implement it fast and get the results I was looking for. A couple weeks later, after going through her training, I found my first wholesale supplier to a niche related to one of my hobbies. Today we have more than a 100 profitable skus on Amazon from the one wholesale supplier with very little competition (2 or 3 other sellers). Best time and money ROI I've ever invested on training. 

- Julie S.

We purchased the PAC course in January 2017. We began shopping in retail stores and online to identify items to resell on Amazon. As parents of two young children, we knew online and retail arbitrage weren't a good fit for us and we needed something that we could do online, at night after the kids were in bed, and that would be faster and more efficient. We also wanted to develop relationships with companies. We signed up for coaching to help us speed up the learning curve (of selling on Amazon). We decided wholesale would probably be a good fit for us and Teresa was assigned to be our coach. What we love about Teresa is her direct approach. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a lot of experience, which is evident if you have a conversation with her. She does not waste time and quickly gets to work helping you find products. On our first coaching call, we chose a category to dive deep into and she helped us identify some companies to contact to apply for a wholesale account. We contacted them, one approved us, and on our second call, she helped us identify products that may be good to test out from this particular company. We bought six units of one of the products she suggested and it quickly sold out, so we continued to send in larger quantities of this item. It earned the #1 Best Seller in New Release for its' category twice (it kept selling out so we would have to close the listing, order more, and then re-open the listing). By fourth quarter 2017, our listing was the first item on the first page for our subcategory and we sold 506 units during that quarter. We would have sold more but we ran out on December 18, 2017.

- Robert & Jessica P

Warning! Listening to any of the video's or watching any slide presentations and taking action will cause many Benjamin Hundred dollar bills to rain down upon your head.

- Patricia S

When I decided to start selling wholesale products, I had no idea where to begin. I was very pleased to learn that Teresa had several proven methods that would help me find wholesale products. I followed her method of searching Amazon’s own catalog and very quickly found several wholesale products that were possibilities for me to sell. The process that she teaches is super simple to follow and I didn’t have to spend any more money to buy more tools! So far, all the wholesale products that I sell were found using the processes and methods that she teaches. If you need to find wholesale products to sell, get this course and let it guide you to find possibilities very quickly!

- Nancy G

I have benefitted greatly from the PAC Wholesale course and especially from working directly with Teresa Rose once I joined the Coaching program. From the very first lesson, Teresa walked me through the process of uncovering profitable products with little or no FBA competition. She also showed me the process she uses to reach out to potential suppliers, establish relationships and open accounts.

- Chris B

I'd like to know how Teresa comes up with these sourcing techniques which are AWESOME by the way. Can't wait to get her next round of over the top videos. I also found her ease of presentation in the videos and as a Mentoring Coach was Extremely Professional, Very Informative and Inspiring to say the least!

- Randy M

Teresa takes the confusion and fear out of the wholesale business. Her presentation is clear and concise while she breaks this otherwise daunting process into manageable tasks. Very highly recommended!

- Jeff C

Wow, In depth instructions on everything wholesale. Everything you need from beginning to end.

- Carolyn M


Q. Do you need a commercial address or warehouse to open wholesale accounts?

A. No! Many companies can ship directly to your home or you can utilize prep services to receive your items for you.

Q. Will I need a website to open wholesale accounts?

A. Not typically, but if you do (and you don't have one yet) we show you how to get one set up easily and quickly.

Q. What if I don't live in the U.S. - is this still for me?

A. Where you live doesn't matter! There are simple and creative options available for all! Many of our most successful students are outside the U.S.

Q. Do you need a lot of capital to purchaser wholesale?

A. While you do need more money to order wholesale versus retail arbitrage some companies will allow you to open accounts with small orders (one case or $100 minimum opening order).

Q. Will there be a way to ask follow-up questions as I take the course?

A. Yes! You will have access to our Facebook group where you can ask questions of experienced online sellers and wholesale selling experts!

Q. What happens when I purchase this course?

A. You get immediate full access to the entire course and can revisit it online anytime. The preview video above shows you what you'll see when you gain access.

Q. There are courses that cost a lot more than this that teach wholesale strategies? Is the Proven Wholesale Sourcing course as good as the high priced courses?

A. We've never seen wholesale sourcing as complex or worthy of a high priced course. We teach more creative sourcing strategies than anyone, and don't see the need to charge a high price for the knowledge. We have over 1,000 success stories as evidence that our strategies work.

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